A Few Backgrounds!

Recently I have been mostly working on the backgrounds for the film. There are two types of background in the film, the forest is done completely in paint and the house is drawn in pencil and coloured digitally, with paint textures laid over. Here are the first few finished digital backgrounds. I am really pleased with them, I was worried that they were going to look horribly digital but I think they turned out well.

There are 32 individual backgrounds in the film, which has me quite worried, but I am going to dedicate the next week to doing as many of them as possible so I don’t have to work on them later.

Will update with more backgrounds as they are completed.

Also today I did a very quick test to see if I would be able to make the film in HD. I created a 1080p HD file and after some adjustments I got it to export ok and uploaded to youtube and it looks pretty great on there! The rendering took a pretty long time despite the shortness of the clip, but I was working on my rubbish laptop. The computers at uni should be able to handle it no problem.


About helicopterhelen

I am a student studying animation at the University of Wales, Newport. This blog is going to contain my doodles and concepts and will be updated with work that I am doing for my Final Major Project at uni.
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