I have been looking at designs for the cabin. The design in the storyboard seems a bit too simple to me and doesn’t sit very well in that particular forest. When i saw this photo, I thought it would be the perfect design for the bear’s cabin. It is strongly symmetrical and has windows in the right place for the bear to look out and see a leaf land on his path.

I did this drawing of the house, changing bits and pieces to suit the film.

One thing that I have been concerned about was how the animation is going to sit in the environment because the environment is messy textures with sharp edges, but the animation is going to have a pencil line around it. I chatted to Leonie about it and she suggested having the outside be totally lineless, then partial lines in the house and full lines on the bear. I am going to do some tests over the next few days to see how this might work.

This is the same picture of the house, but with this one I edited the colour of the paper texture that I added to it and I am happy with how convincing it is as snow.

I also worked out what the layout of the house inside would be. I think that this layout is more believable and generally nicer than the original layout, but it does mean that a few things in the storyboard need to be tweaked to make it work.

The colours outside the house are going to be mostly pale, whereas the colours inside the house are more rich, matching the colour of the bear more so that he fits better inside the house than out in the forest.



About helicopterhelen

I am a student studying animation at the University of Wales, Newport. This blog is going to contain my doodles and concepts and will be updated with work that I am doing for my Final Major Project at uni.
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