Updated Animatic

Here is an updated version of my animatic. I have changed most of the things that were brought up in the seminar and the tutorials I had with Leonie, but there is still more fiddling to do. The coloured frames that I did are in there also to make what is happening clearer. In the pre-vis pitch we did on Monday, James mentioned that I needed to make the character really strong and really establish him quickly and precisely, which is something I am going to work on in the next few days by adding some more quick shots into the start of the film. He also thought that the ending seemed a bit obvious, however I had a quick chat with Leonie about it and we both think that the ending works for the film, but I am going to book a tutorial with James to talk about his concerns.

In the Pre-vis I also presented the model sheet for my character and some paintings in the style that I want to use for the backgrounds in my film. I want the backgrounds to be painted in acrylic and for them to use rough, messy textures within neat, clean edges.

Lou Romano:

I had a go at doing this myself, using masking tape to get the clean cut edges that I wanted and overlaying a paper texture to the finished picture to get the look that I want.

I really like how the straight edges work with the messy textures and though this image is still quite far from how I want the film to look, I feel like I am now taking steps in the right direction with the paintings.

It is definitely more like what I want than my first attempt at painting the forest:

In my last tutorial I was talking to Leonie about colour palettes for the film, as working with colours is something I feel that I am particularly weak with. Leonie brought in some leaves and talked about taking colour schemes from nature and about mixing colours within themselves to create your palette. I found this really useful and my next tests will be done with this in mind.

Over the next week I am going to work on finalising the animatic, really working on the painting style that I want to use, and doing some animation tests to see if my style of animation will work with the style of background that I want to use.


About helicopterhelen

I am a student studying animation at the University of Wales, Newport. This blog is going to contain my doodles and concepts and will be updated with work that I am doing for my Final Major Project at uni.
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