I have been thinking about the look of the film and about how I am going to have the seasons changing throughout it so I have collected some pictures that show how I want the film to look.

I showed Leonie these and the animatic and she liked them and agreed that this was a more realistic idea for the time I have to make the film in. She also suggested some changes to make the story clearer, like the omission of the number 2 on the front door, the addition of some reaction shots and the cutting of the scene with the bear being cold, as it confuses the story.

I have also done a few tests of colouring storyboard frames to see if the colours work with the story I am trying to tell. I think that I am working along the right lines, but colour palettes are something that I am not very good at and I plan to talk to Leonie about in my next tutorial.


About helicopterhelen

I am a student studying animation at the University of Wales, Newport. This blog is going to contain my doodles and concepts and will be updated with work that I am doing for my Final Major Project at uni.
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