Animation Showreel 2011

A new animation showreel which contains many shots from my graduation film.

The film is now just awaiting music, then it will be posted online for everyone to see!



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It’s over!

That’s it, film is handed in, uni is finished. I can’t quite believe it… 3 years have gone by so quickly. The handin and critique were on Monday, and I was pleasently suprised by all of the films. They were all soo good!

My film was 99% complete for the handin. It doesn’t have any music yet and there are a few bits of colouring that need tweaking, but it was mostly finished, which was something I didn’t think possible a month ago.

During the critique we had to vote on each of the films and a shortlist was created based on these votes. The shortlisted films will be up for awards on our industry night (23rd June), and will be put on a ‘best of’ DVD which will be shown to industry people. My film was selected along with about 10 others, so that is pretty exciting.

I am currently finishing up the film so that it can be sent to the judges of the awards. Here are a few stills!

I am planning to post the film online some time in June, so I will update again when I do!

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Nearly there.

Deadline is on Monday and the film is so nearly there.

Character Animation – 100%
Colouring – 100%
Backgrounds – 99%

All it needs now is one more paint background and lots of leaves!

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Backgrounds and Stuff

I have spent the last couple of days finishing off all of the backgrounds for the film. All but one are now complete, making a grand total of 43 backgrounds. Phew…

We had our Rough Cut on Monday, which went pretty well. There are going to be lots of really great films this year. The things that were brought up about my film were things that I had either not completed or had already planned to fix, so that was encouraging. There are 5 shots left for me to animate, two of which will be rather difficult, but I am confident that it will all be done and dusted before the deadline. Joseph Gidley has kindly offered to help me with the sound for the film, which is really great as sound was the thing I was most worried about.

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I haven’t been blogging much recently, which is because I have been working pretty solidly. I went home for a week for easter and managed to colour all the animation that I have done so far and to put it all together with the backgrounds, so I now have approximately 1/2 of my film totally finished. I still have quite a lot of animation to do before the other half is finished though!

Now that the first half of the film is looking how it will look in the end I have been noticing lots of little things that need fixed, like some extra frames here and there which make the shots cut together better and such. Unfortunately everything seems to be taking much longer than I scheduled for… so I am now worried about whether I will be able to finish the film to the standard I want for the deadline.

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Not had much to blog about recently as I have been doing lots of animation. I have now animated and made backgrounds for just over 1/2 of my film, which leaves me a bit behind, but I think I will be able to make up time over easter when I will be at home and colouring solidly. Most of the difficult shots are animated already.

The start and end of the film have changed slightly. It was mentioned in our last seminar that the viewer needs a bit more time to get to know the character before he starts his cleaning frenzy, a chance to see him being excited about the house, so I changed the shots of the bear arriving at the house to show this. The ending is still being worked on. I know what it needs to convey, but am still trying to figure out the best way to do it. Hopefully I will have a chance to finalise it over easter!

Here is a clip of some of the animation so far!

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A Finished Frame!

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